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Our Upcoming and Past Events

New Issue Out!

Issue 2, "Grape Expectations," is now available online

Free Online Courses Bring Confucius to Life

free性videoxxx欧美Take a virtual tour of historic Shandong with these apps and online programs

Meet Me at KTV

The award-winning essay from The World of Chinese Cup English Writing Competition

Read TWOC for Free!

free性videoxxx欧美Special offers on digital magazine and book during the extended holiday

Movie Clips and Conversations

free性videoxxx欧美Producer Jane Zheng and actor Jim Liu talked to fans about their film "The Farewell" at TWOC's latest event

Book Release: Pepe in China

Follow a dog's travels across China in The Commercial Press's new bilingual children's series

Pandian 2019 Open for Nominations

Enter your favorite internet slang for The Commercial Press's word-of-the-year contest!

The Making of “The Farewell”

Join TWOC for a behind-the-scenes talk with movie producer Jane Zheng this Saturday, November 23

“World of Chinese Cup” Results

Congratulations to all the winners of our essay contest!

“Text Appeal” Photo Competition

Submit a photo of yourself reading The World of Chinese in an unusual place, and win prizes!

Help us find the best books on China

TWOC is seeking submissions for its quarterly and annual "Best Books on China" lists

New Multimedia Platform from The Commercial Press

Audio books, thesis-writing guidance, video courses, and more on a new multimedia platform from The Commercial Press

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